These Are the Upcoming Innovation QNS Public Hearings

Save the dates! Join these upcoming public meetings to speak out against Innovation QNS!

THIS IS A CRITICAL POINT! City Council will soon vote on Innovation QNS

Upcoming Public Hearing

October 19 at 11 AM, the City Council will hold its only hearing on Innovation QNS before they vote.

Come testify in person against Innovation QNS at City Hall, or sign up to testify virtually at this link

Other Urgent Actions to Take:

If you have not already, now is the time to reach out to your local politicians. We need everyone from the 52 City Council members to NY State senators and Congresspeople, to vote NO and/or speak out against Innovation QNS.

Do want to come and speak out against Innovation QNS, but you’re not sure what to say?

You can use the talking points below or read through our sample emails as a guideline for voicing your concerns about Innovation QNS.

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