These Are the Upcoming Innovation QNS Public Hearings

Save the dates! Join these upcoming public meetings to speak out against Innovation QNS!

Wednesday, June 21st 6:00 PM Public Hearing #2 and Community Board 1 Vote

Queens Community Board 1 will hold the FINAL opportunity for the public to speak, followed by a vote Yes or No to Innovation QNS

Thanks to the efforts of many Astorians coming together and working tirelessly to reach out to their neighbors and Queens Community Board 1, the board voted AGAINST Innovation QNS 24-8!

But the fight is not over yet, Innovation QNS will now present their project to Queens Borough President Donovan Richards. Which brings us to the next public hearing:

Thursday, June 30th 9:30 AM Queen Borough President Public Hearing

Borough President Donovan Richards will hold a virtual public hearing before making his recommendation on the Innovation QNS project.

What you can do:

Do want to come and speak out against Innovation QNS, but you’re not sure what to say?

You can use the talking points below as a guideline for voicing your concerns about Innovation QNS.

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