Email Queens Elected Officials and tell them: “No Innovation QNS!”

One of the most important actions you can take in order to fight Innovation QNS is to make our elected representatives know that we are against it!

Who to contact and why:

Who?What they doContact
Tiffany CabánShe is the city councilmember that represents the other half of Astoria. If she is your councilmember, it is critical to email and/or call her office!
Phone: 718-274-4500
Your state assemblymemberThey represent you in the New York State Legislature. Their support for this cause it critical!To find your state assemblymember:
Your state senator They represent you in the New York State Legislature. Their support for this cause it critical! Reach out especially if Michael Gianaris is your senator as Innovation QNS is in his district.To find your state senator:
Phone: 718-728-0960
Carolyn MaloneyShe is the federal representative for NY 12, which currently encompasses Innovation QNS. Contact her if you are her constituent!
Phone: 718-932-1804
Alexandria Ocasio-CortesShe is the federal representative for NY 14, which will soon encompass Innovation QNS. Contact her if you are or will be her constituent!
Phone: 718-662-5970 

Sample Email 1:


My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am reaching out to you as a concerned resident. 

I am urging you to speak out against the Innovation QNS rezoning. 

Larry Silverstein, BedRock Real Estate, and Kaufman Studios have not done proper outreach into the community that will be immediately affected and soon displaced. They have not talked to residents or small business owners about the development and their impending displacement, let alone offered them any compensation for the move. They have not renewed leases for small immigrant and working class businesses who have no voice.

I am concerned that the 75% high end “market rate” housing will be unaffordable to the average Astoria resident and will be targeted towards a wealthier class of people, who have the most choices with housing while our lower income neighbors get priced out. The paltry number of mandated “affordable” units is unacceptable and does not meet the needs of our community. 

The numerous over-20-story buildings are completely out of character in Astoria’s mid to low-rise landscape and will block out the sun in the surrounding streets. We must not allow billionaires and hedge funds to dictate what housing in our neighborhood looks like, nor what the supposed needs of the community are. We need a majority of deeply affordable housing and active public spaces, not luxury developments, shopping corridors, and privately run “community facilities”. 

If Innovation QNS is allowed to move forward, it will become a catalyst for other developers to rezone and build similar high-rise projects, displacing even more vulnerable residents and changing the distinctive character of our neighborhood. 

Now is the time to stop this project in its tracks and show developers that Astoria is Not For Sale!



Sample Email 2:

I am writing to you to express my opposition to Innovation QNS. As your constituent, I am asking you to speak out against it as it will deeply affect the working class and immigrant communities that live near the proposed mega-development and drastically alter the community that so many of us love.

Billionaire developers should not be dictating what kind of housing we need. We know we need deeply affordable housing and Innovation QNS is woefully in adequate in meeting that challenge. In fact, it will only drive up the rents in the surrounding area and cause speculation which has a ripple effect resulting in more and more luxury rezonings.

Anyone who has lived in this community has seen how working class people have been pushed out due to all the high end development. In addition, this project has environmental impacts that have not been adequately addressed, and there is no transparency on all the deals that have been made for support.

Community Board One is over 47% very low to low income – most of the “affordable” units won’t even be accessible to them. And the developers will only build additional units beyond the required 25% if they get subsidies. We should direct subsidies to non-profit or social housing providers, not billionaire developers.

I urge you to speak out against Innovation QNS.  Thank you.


Sample Email 3:


As a constituent, I am writing to you to express my opposition to Innovation QNS, which is being proposed by billionaire developer Larry Silverstein, Kaufman Studios, and Bedrock Real Estate Partners.

This project is out of scale and out of reach for Astoria’s working class and immigrant communities. It does not provide an adequate number of deeply affordable housing units, and the majority market rate rents will be astronomical. It will rapidly accelerate gentrification and harm our most vulnerable communities. This project is massive and will not only change the landscape and skyline of Astoria with 27 story buildings- it will change the diversity of our community and set a dangerous precedent for further luxury rezonings.

I hope that you will speak out against it. Thank you.