Take Action Against Innovation QNS!

Astoria is fighting back against the Innovation QNS billionaire developers who would change the landscape of the neighborhood forever. 

Say NO to the displacement of Astorians, say NO to Innovation QNS!

How can you help?

With a few small actions, you can make your voice heard in a big way!

  1. Submit a written testimony to landusetestimony@council.nyc.gov by Oct 22 at 5PM! See sample email below.
  2. Volunteer with us! We need all hands on board and there are many ways to get involved.
  3. Follow us on social media to get more active updates! @AstoriaNotForSale

Sample Email against Innovation QNS

Dear Land Use Subcommittee Council Members:

I urge you to vote no on Innovation QNS. Hundreds of diverse community members rallied at City Hall on Wednesday and later testified to be clear in its demands – we will not be erased. We are not parking lots. We are not anti-housing. We are diverse working class, immigrants, small business owners, and residents who deeply feel the impact of gentrification in our community board district that is over 47% low to very low income, and majority people of color in the area in and surrounding the project site.

We as a community are demanding a majority of affordable apartments – at minimum of 55% – at levels that truly meet the needs of those who are most housing insecure. There’s much at stake. This rezoning will lead to further speculation and rezonings that will push residents out. We see it happening already with Innovation QNS.

We live here and secondary displacement is real. We’ve seen it in Long Island City, and we are seeing it unfold in Astoria.

Vote no on Innovation QNS.


**If you do not live in Astoria, you can still send in an email! Say that you are standing in solidarity with Astoria residents.